Meet the Midwives

Naomi Newman RN/RM- Calmic Birth Services

 (Bsc Health Science, Grad Dip Midwifery, Grad Cert Midwifery)


I am a Registered Midwife / Childbirth Educator, and a mother of two children, based in Perth.  I have a background in mental health and have spent time working in East Africa before becoming a midwife. I have chosen to work as an Independant midwife as I am able to offer continuity of care and holistic support to women and their families through pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. My role as your midwife is to provide professional midwifery services to support you to make informed choices surrounding your pregnancy and birth and to care for you and your baby during pregnancy and then through into the postnatal period. 

I believe how we birth our babies has a huge impact on the health and well-being of the woman, baby and the whole family. 



Clare Davison  (RN/RM) - Empowering Births for Wise Women


Clare trained to be a nurse in the UK in 1993. In her career as a nurse she initially specialised in Neurosurgery and then in Emergency Nursing, working as a senior nurse and nurse educator in both specialities. She completed a postgraduate diploma in Midwifery with high distinction at Curtin University, and now works as a independent midwife. She is mother to 2 children.

“Midwifery has always been a part of my life. My aunt is a community midwife consultant in the UK and my best friend in the UK is a senior Midwife. I knew that one day I would become a midwife. My first child was born in the UK and my second child was born at home in Australia, it was the most amazing, empowering experience of my life. I became a midwife because it is my passion. I wanted to educate and empower women and their families so they could make their own choices about the birth of their children I believe childbirth to be a life changing and natural process and I feel very privileged to be involved in this magical journey. I believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, healthy events in the life of a family. This is a special time that needs care and support tailored to your needs – the care a midwife can give. ”



 Vanessa Buttera (RN/RM)  - Simply Midwifery

Vanessa is a Registered Midwife with many years experience assisting women with home births, as an independent midwife and previously with the Community Midwifery Program.  
Vanessa is a mother of 2 beautiful kids who are growing up fast, Ryan and Isabella.  
Vanessa believes that continuity of care and informed decision making maximizes the chance of a safe, empowered birth.  



2018 Calmic Birth Midwifery Services 

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