Welcome to Calmic Birth Services.


We specialize in Independent Midwifery care and supporting women and families through their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.


We are all Endorsed Midwives with the ability to order any diagnostic and pathology testing, and have the ability to prescribe medications if required throughout your pregnancy, birth and Postpartum Period.

We offer professional midwifery services in your home all of which attract a rebate from Medicare.


We believe every woman can have an empowered pregnancy and birthing experience with the right support.

As midwives we  believe in a mother's intuition and the importance of listening to her questions and concerns. 


We also believe in a Midwife's intuition to just trust in the process of birth and the provision of holding space for the mother to birth her way.










2018 Calmic Birth Midwifery Services 

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